Foundation for the Converging Data Center: InfiniBand with Intelligent Fabric Management

2018-03-20T18:18:20+00:00March 26, 2010|

Most data centers are starting to realize the benefits of virtualization, cloud computing and automation. However, the heavy I/O requirements and intense need for better visibility and control quickly become key challenges that create inefficiencies and inhibit wider adoption of these advancements. InfiniBand coupled with intelligent fabric management software can address many [...]

InfiniBand Enables Low-Latency Market Data Delivery for Financial Services Firms

2018-03-20T18:31:27+00:00June 18, 2009|

InfiniBand is largely thought of as a high-performance interconnect for large, TOP500-like HPC systems. It certainly is, but InfiniBand's high bandwidth, low-latency capabilities are also useful across many vertical industries including financial services. A lot of us will be attending ISC'09 in Hamburg, but InfiniBand will also be in the spotlight at [...]

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