Integrators’ List Program

The IBTA Integrators’ List program is designed to support data center managers, CIOs and other IT decision makers with their planned deployment of InfiniBand and RoCE solutions in both small clusters and large-scale clusters of 1,000 nodes or more.

This world-class program is based on intensive testing procedures that establish compliance to the specifications and real-world interoperability to deliver a robust ecosystem of InfiniBand and RoCE products to the industry. The interoperability testing uses the Open MPI test suite. The program produces two lists, the InfiniBand Integrators’ List and the RoCE Integrators’ List, which are refreshed every year.

The InfiniBand Integrators’ List is comprised of EDR and HDR Host Channel Adapters (HCAs), switches, iSCSI Extensions for RDMA (iSER) targets and cables. The RoCE Integrators’ List features 25, 100, and 200 GbE RNICs, switches and SFP28, QSFP28, QSFP-DD and OSFP cables.

The lists feature:

  • Hundreds of products tested and accepted by the IBTA as being compliant with the InfiniBand architecture specifications, which also defines RoCE.
  • New products added every spring following IBTA-sponsored Plugfests.

Access the latest InfiniBand Integrators’ List: The latest InfiniBand Integrators’ List can be found here.

Access the latest RoCE Integrators’ List: The latest RoCE Integrators’ List can be found here.

IBTA Members interested in featuring products on the lists can receive access to a special marketing program and logos which may be used in promotional materials and affixed to their cables and devices. To learn more, visit the IBTA Logo / Licensing page in the members-only area. RDMA Customers can view all of the RDMA products by searching the InfiniBand Product Directory and the RoCE Product Search web pages.

InfiniBand Product Directory:

RoCE Product Search:

Disclaimer: The InfiniBand Trade Association disclaims all warranties and liabilities for the use of any product listed in this document and assumes no responsibility for any errors that appear in this document nor for the compliance testing performed for any of the listed products

InfiniBand Integrator's List
RoCE Interoperability

For additional information about the IBTA Integrators’ List Program, reference the resources below:

Archives of past InfiniBand Integrators’ Lists and RoCE Integrator’s Lists

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Integrators’ List (IL) Policy and Testing Procedures

Methods of Implementation (MOI) – Developed by the CIWG and Test Equipment vendors for use at IBTA Plugfests