IBTA members represent the leading enterprise IT vendors that are actively contributing to the advancement of the InfiniBand™ specification.

IBTA membership benefits include:

Access to:

  • The InfiniBand architecture specifications, design and programming guideline documents
  • IBTA-sponsored Compliance and Interoperability Plugfests and workshops
  • Meeting minutes and notices of proposed and actual changes to IBTA-controlled documents
  • Members-only area of the IBTA web site

Participation in:

  • The maintenance of the InfiniBand Roadmap, which defines future speeds and lane widths for InfiniBand-based technologies
  • IBTA events and tradeshows where the IBTA exhibits including the Supercomputing Conference in November (sponsorship fees may apply)
  • IBTA speaking and demonstration opportunities

Opportunity to:

  • Influence and contribute to the ongoing development and maintenance of the InfiniBand architecture specifications, which includes RoCE
  • Add approved products to the IBTA Integrators’ List and RoCE Interoperability List, which provides a centralized listing of products that have passed a suite of compliance and interoperability testing
  • Post InfiniBand and RoCE-related whitepapers, webinars, podcasts and press releases on the IBTA and RoCE Initiative web sites
  • Submit and obtain access to information regarding licensing policies posted by member patent holders on specific InfiniBand architecture specifications
  • Network with the world’s foremost developers of InfiniBand and RoCE hardware and software
  • Ability to include InfiniBand and RoCE-related products in the InfiniBand Product Directory and RoCE Product Directory

How to become a Member

Companies wishing to join the InfiniBand Trade Association should complete the application and membership agreement and return with the annual membership dues ($9,500USD) to the InfiniBand Trade Association office. Upon receipt of payment and the necessary documents mentioned above, the membership application process will be initiated. We accept checks and wire transfers only as payment. If you prefer to wire the funds to our account, please contact us at: for details.

*Companies with annual gross revenues less than $10M are eligible to join for $5,000 annually. As a part of the application process, companies will need to submit revenue verification.

Membership Agreement – Submit 2 executed originals of this agreement, along with a completed application (below) to begin the application process.

Membership Application – Complete this short form and submit with 2 executed originals of the Membership Agreement (above).

Bylaws – InfiniBand Trade Association bylaws for the Oregon, nonprofit, mutual benefit corporation.

Antitrust Guidelines – InfiniBand Trade Association antitrust guidelines.

Working Group Operating Guidelines – InfiniBand Trade Association working group operating guidelines.

Membership Roster

Visit the Membership Roster for a listing of Steering, Sponsoring Member Companies, and Member Companies of the InfiniBand Trade Association.

Sponsoring Membership

Consideration of requests for addition as a Sponsoring Member will be given by the Steering Committee on a quarterly basis. If your company is interested in becoming a Sponsor Member of the IBTA contact for additional information.