InfiniBand is largely thought of as a high-performance interconnect for large, TOP500-like HPC systems. It certainly is, but InfiniBand’s high bandwidth, low-latency capabilities are also useful across many vertical industries including financial services. A lot of us will be attending ISC’09 in Hamburg, but InfiniBand will also be in the spotlight at the annual Securities Industry and Financial Markets Association (SIFMA) show in NYC that’s also taking place next week.

InfiniBand – an inherently low latency technology – is used by many of the world’s top exchanges, banks and hedge funds to minimize latency, improve capacity and enable greater scalability for their market data infrastructures.

Earlier this month Voltaire and NYSE Technologies announced an end-to-end, standards-based messaging solution that speeds performance of automated trading environments and financial market data applications. As the industry’s first solution for market data based on 40Gb/s InfiniBand, the solution delivers the industry’s lowest latency – 4X lower latency than alternative offerings that supply a 10 Gigabit Ethernet interconnect fabric – with very low power consumption.

The solution delivers record-breaking performance of less than 10 microsecond latency at greater than 1 million messages per second. These new performance gains have certainly caught the attention of the press. You can read more about the solution in these articles in Wall Street & Technology, Finextra and Automated Trader.

So depending on your objectives – whether it’s to push the HPC envelope and secure a spot on the next TOP500 list or you need to shave milliseconds off of your market data delivery system – InfiniBand can make it happen.

Asaf Somekh
VP, Marketing