IBTA 2014 Annual Members Meeting

2018-03-19T17:50:52+00:00October 15, 2014|

The IBTA recently hosted its annual general meeting for members in September. Barry Barnet and Jim Pappas, co-chairmen of the IBTA Steering Committee, presented the state of the association and the chairs of each working group presented their group activities over the past year and what’s ahead. The chairs specifically elaborated on [...]

IBTA Announces New RoCE Specification

2018-03-19T17:56:44+00:00September 16, 2014|

Big news! The IBTA today announced the updated specification for Remote Direct Memory Access (RDMA) over Converged Ethernet (RoCE), RoCEv2. This is a huge development and one that will expand RoCE’s adoption. The benefits of the first RoCE spec released in 2010 were many: Low latency and CPU overhead (eliminated the multiple [...]

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