IBTA Plugfest to take place April 16-20, 2012 at the University of New Hampshire Interoperability Lab (UNH-IOL)

BEAVERTON, Ore. – March 29, 2012 – The InfiniBand® Trade Association (IBTA), a global organization dedicated to maintaining and furthering the InfiniBand™ specification, today announced the latest version of the IBTA Integrators’ List is now available.  The IBTA Integrators’ List is a compilation of all products that have been tested and accepted by the IBTA as being compliant with the InfiniBand architecture specification. The latest list contains 353 DDR (Double Data Rate-20 Gb/s)-certified cables, 279 QDR (Quad Data Rate-40 Gb/s)-certified cables, four QDR HCAs (Host Channel Adapters), two QDR switches, one InfiniBand WAN (Wide Area Network) range extender, one SRP (SCSI RDMA Protocol) storage target and one InfiniBand to Ethernet gateway device. This list is available at www.infinibandta.org/integratorslist.

The Integrators’ List adds new products every spring and fall, following the IBTA bi-annual Plugfest. The next IBTA Plugfest takes place April 16-20, 2012 at the University of New Hampshire Interoperability Lab (UNH-IOL) and provides companies an opportunity to measure their products for compliance with the InfiniBand™ architecture specification as well as interoperability with other InfiniBand products. Vendor devices and cables successfully passing all required Integrators’ List compliance tests and interoperability procedures will be added to the IBTA Integrators’ List and granted an IBTA Integrators’ List Logo.

Vendors recently adding products to the IBTA Integrators’ List include:

InfiniBand Device Vendors: Intel (formerly QLogic InfiniBand), NetApp, Mellanox and Obsidian Research

InfiniBand Cable Vendors:  3M, Advanced Photonics, Amphenol, Cinch Connectors, Emcore, FCI, Finisar, Foxconn Electronics, Fujikura America Inc., Hitachi Cable, Mellanox Technologies, Meritec, Molex, Samtec, Siemon, TE Connectivity and Volex.

The IBTA Integrators’ List is designed to support data center managers, CIOs and other IT professionals with their planned deployment of InfiniBand solutions. End users and OEMs reference the IBTA Integrators’ List prior to the deployment of InfiniBand-related systems, including both small clusters and large-scale clusters of 1,000 nodes or more. The Integrators’ List was started in 2003 and currently contains hundreds of InfiniBand-compliant products.

For more information about the IBTA Plugfest 21 taking place April 16-20, 2012, please contact ibta_plugfest@soft-forge.com.

About the InfiniBand® Trade Association

The InfiniBand® Trade Association was founded in 1999 and is chartered with maintaining and furthering the InfiniBand specification. The IBTA is led by a distinguished steering committee that includes HP, IBM, Intel, Mellanox Technologies, Oracle, QLogic and System Fabric Works. Other members of the IBTA represent leading enterprise IT vendors who are actively contributing to the advancement of the InfiniBand specification. The IBTA markets and promotes InfiniBand from an industry perspective through online, marketing and public relations engagements, and unites the industry through IBTA-sponsored technical events and resources. For more information on the IBTA, visit www.infinibandta.org.


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