IBTA Releases Updated InfiniBand and RoCE Integrators List of Interoperable and Compliant Devices

Demand for High-Performance Computing (HPC), Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Cloud infrastructures for compute and data intensive applications continues to grow while answering the call for faster interconnects to transfer massive amounts of data between servers and between servers and storage. To keep up with demand, the InfiniBand Trade Association’s (IBTA) working groups are always pressing forward and looking ahead to meet the future data center’s performance demands. To ensure that new speeds and products can meet these demands, the IBTA hosts annual Plugfests to test product interoperability and ensure multivendor specification compliance.

The 37th InfiniBand™ Compliance and RoCE Plugfest was held this year at Software Forge’s corporate office in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, and provided an opportunity for participants to measure their products for compliance with the IBTA specifications and to do interoperability testing using both InfiniBand™ and RoCE Fabrics. Those who successfully passed all the required IL Compliance Tests and Interoperability procedures have been updated within the IBTA Integrators’ List and are granted the IBTA Integrators’ List Logo.

The IBTA’s plugfest is a series of rigorous, independent third-party compliance and interoperability testing to ensure that each cable and device under test successfully meets end-user needs as well as the expectations across the InfiniBand and RoCE ecosystems. The plugfest gives products and participants the ability to interact with other products and engineers from many vendors while jointly resolving problems in real-time. The IBTA deems it essential to the success, compliance, and interoperability of all InfiniBand and RoCE solutions.

For more information about future Plugfest eligibility requirements, follow this link about Plugfest General Information.

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