Plugfest Pretesting

IBTA PlugFest #36 Pre-Testing Details

Required IBTA Integrators’ List Pre-Testing

Vendors of HCAs, TCAs, and/or Switches are required to complete the IBTA Integrators’ List Compliance Testing prior to the Plugfest.

Please direct all IBTA Integrators’ List Compliance test questions to:

Complete the following 3 steps:

1. Complete all IBTA Integrators’ List Compliance Testing either in-house or at a 3rd party test lab.

  • 3rd Party Test Labs
    • Software Forge has programs specializing in plugfest pre-compliance testing.

2. Record the test results on the appropriate Testing Status Form.

For DUT Vendors:

For Cable Vendors:

Make note in the Cable Vendor Registration Form that you have completed the Compliance Readiness Tests.

Follow the steps in the Cable MOI documents to complete the readiness tests. The updated Cable MOIs will be available in the Plugfest Documents folder: MOIs.

The following are mandatory cable tests:

  • Mellanox Eye Opening: The Eye Opening package is intended for evaluating and testing InfiniBand cables / links, for configuring port SerDes and port state, and for finding the optimal configuration for SerDes of an InfiniBand Tx-Rx pair connected by a cable. You may download the Mellanox Eye Opening MOI here.
  • Memory Map: The latest Memory Map Verification MOI is located here. You can download the I2CExplorer at this link: I2C Explorer Tool. You may also download a DOS parser called Memory Map Parser from the same link. This reads the binaries from the I2CExplorer if you choose to save the data in binary instead of text data format.
  • QSFP+ Memory Map Validation: This ensures that the contents of the cable connector EEPROM are properly programmed according to the IBTA specification which defines the electrical (copper), the optical and the mechanical characteristics of the pluggable Quad SFP+ Module/direct attach cable plug and connector.
  • QSFP+ Memory Map Validation: This ensures that the contents of the cable connector EEPROM are properly programmed according to the IBTA Specification for 12x CXP cables.
  • Active Time-Domain (ATD): This part of the testing procedure ensures that time-domain parameters such as jitter, eye-height, and eye-width, measured on a stressed victim, fall within a specified range. ATD testing is primarily for Active Cable assemblies. The ATD MOIs are located at this link.
  • IB Interoperability Testing: These are system tests of the entire environment including device transmitters, cable media and device receivers. Testing is done in a heterogeneous environment to ensure interoperability between all of the major InfiniBand device vendors as well as the InfiniBand cable vendors. Please follow this link for the Interoperability MOI.
  • RoCE Interoperability Testing: Just like the IB Interoperability testing above, this is also a fabric-wide testing to ensure that (Ethernet) cable media, device transmitters, and device receivers interoperate. Please see RoCE MOI document for details.

3. Bring this form to the Plugfest (electronic version is best) along with your device(s).