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December 2015

OpenFabrics Alliance (OFA) Workshop 2016 – Call for Sessions

Requested Sessions Include a Variety of InfiniBand and RoCE Topics

The OFA Annual Workshop is the premier event for collaboration between OpenFabrics Software (OFS) producers and those whose systems and applications depend on the technology. Every year, the workshop generates lively exchanges among OFS developers and users who all share a vested interest in high performance networks. The OFA is now actively soliciting topics for 2016 sessions, with call for proposals due January 18, 2016 by 5 p.m. PST.

Additional event details and submission instructions are available on the OFA Workshop 2016 page.

InfiniBand Updates

InfiniBand Continues Its Position as the Preferred TOP500 Supercomputing Interconnect

According to the latest TOP500 List, 237 of the world’s fastest supercomputers leverage InfiniBand as their high performance interconnect, up from 225 a year ago. This number represents over 47 percent of the TOP500 List, ranking InfiniBand above Ethernet and proprietary solutions. Of particular note, 161 systems deploy FDR 56Gb/s InfiniBand, which is a 16 percent year over year increase. Additionally, the number of systems utilizing EDR 100Gb/s increased to four after it made its first appearance on the list last June.

For more on the TOP500 List, check out IBTA’s press release.

Maximize Your Software-Defined Data Center Infrastructure Efficiency with RDMA-enabled Interconnects

Motti Beck, of IBTA member company Mellanox, recently penned a guest blog about RDMA’s impact on software-defined infrastructure for data centers. Specifically, he covered the increasing demand for big data analytics and its effect on how IT resources are managed. Motti then explains the need for businesses to build software-defined data center infrastructures over RDMA-enabled interconnects and how this will improve overall system performance, reduce IT operational costs and create a competitive advantage over other companies in their industry.

Read the guest blog on Data Center Journal to learn more.

InfiniBand Roadmap – Charting Speeds for Future Needs

IBTA’s working groups are always looking ahead to meet the HPC community’s future performance demands. They are constantly updating the InfiniBand Roadmap to keep IBTA’s work in line with expected industry trends and systems-level performance gains. The IBTA recently updated its roadmap to account for the industry’s push for exascale computing, adding both NDR and the newly christened XDR.

For more on the InfiniBand Roadmap, check out the latest post to the IBTA blog.

Accelerating HPC in Formula One

The Formula One racing community is quickly embracing HPC as an essential tool to design and build faster race cars. In particular, aerodynamics testing and optimization through computer simulations, as opposed to using traditional wind tunnels, is providing more accurate analysis and lower operational costs. Keeping up with the latest HPC technologies and interconnects, such as InfiniBand, has become vital to running a successful race team.

Read the complete article on HPCwire for more on HPC in Formula One.

RoCE Updates

RDMA over Ethernet – The Rocky Road to Convergence

In a recent DatacenterDynamics article, Brandon Hoff, IBTA Marketing Working Group Co-Chair from member company Avago, covers the challenges that data centers face to process ever-increasing amounts of data at unprecedented speeds. He explains how RDMA over Converged Ethernet (RoCE) can help IT managers alleviate the pressure by reducing CPU overhead through remote direct memory access. RDMA offloads the I/O from the CPU, which makes the movement of data faster and allows the CPU to process data more efficiently.

For more on the benefits of RoCE, read the full article here.

The NVMe Place (Non Volatile Memory Express)

Greg Schulz, the industry expert behind the StorageIO Blog, recently launched The NVMe Place to cover all things NVMe. NVMe, a relatively new server storage I/O access protocol, offers fast access to NVM based storage and memory technologies. Of particular interest is NVMe’s ability to operate over low latency, high-speed RDMA based network interfaces such as InfiniBand and RoCE.

Stay up-to-date on NVMe developments at The NVMe Place on the StorageIO Blog.

Member Announcements

Bull Atos Installs Fastest Supercomputer in Croatia

Bull Atos recently installed the fastest supercomputer in Croatia at the University in Rijeka. The 239 Teraflop BURA supercomputer is expected to debut on the latest TOP500 list and will support the university’s research in drug discovery and genomics. The system is comprised of 6912 cores all connected with FDR InfiniBand to a Lustre parallel file system.

Read insideHPC’s coverage of the announcement for additional information.

IBM Teams with Mellanox to Help Maximize Performance of Power Systems LC Line Servers for Cloud and Cluster Deployments

Mellanox Technologies announced that IBM has selected its ConnectX-4 EDR InfiniBand adapters and EDR 100Gb/s IB switch systems for its new Power Systems LC line of servers. The new line of servers were designed for cloud environments and high performance cluster deployments and infused with OpenPOWER-based innovations. The technology will be utilized in the servers and high performance computing clusters as a part of an open architecture model, which will feature technology from IBM, Mellanox and several other members of the OpenPOWER Foundation.

For more on the news, check out the official press release from Mellanox.

Mellanox Introduces the Switch-IB 2, World’s First 100Gb/s Smart Switch

Mellanox Technologies announced Switch-IB 2, the new generation of its InfiniBand switch optimized for High-Performance Computing, Web 2.0, database and cloud data centers, capable of 100Gb/s per port speeds. Switch-IB 2 is the world's first smart network switch that offloads MPI operations from the CPU to the network to deliver 10X performance improvements. Switch-IB 2 will allow for performance breakthroughs in building the next generation scalable and data intensive data centers, enabling users to gain a competitive advantage.

Consult the Mellanox release for more on the new Switch-IB 2.

Upcoming Tradeshows

IBTA at Storage Visions Conference 2016, January 5, 2016 at 4:30 p.m.

Be sure to catch IBTA’s presentation at the Storage Visions Conference 2016 in Las Vegas covering NVMe over Fabrics, which enables NVMe SSDs to be networked and shared using RDMA networks. Rob Davis, from member company Mellanox Technologies, will focus on how NVMe over Fabrics is changing the world of solid state storage and high-speed networking, while providing an update on both the emerging standard and the network types that support it, including InfiniBand and RoCE.

For information on Storage Visions Conference, visit the event website.

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