About InfiniBand™

InfiniBand™ is an industry-standard specification that defines an input/output architecture used to interconnect servers, communications infrastructure equipment, storage and embedded systems. InfiniBand is a true fabric architecture that leverages switched, point-to-point channels with data transfers today at up to 120 gigabits per second, both in chassis backplane applications as well as through external copper and optical fiber connections.

With QDR 40Gb/s shipping today, InfiniBand has a robust roadmap defining increasing speeds. Many IBTA member companies are developing products or have recently announced FDR 56Gb/s-enabled products with immediate availability in 2011. Please check with individual vendors for product details and see the FDR InfiniBand fact sheet for more information.

The roadmap shows projected increased demand for higher bandwidth with new EDR 100Gb/s products beyond 2011.

InfiniBand is a low-latency, high-bandwidth interconnect which requires low processing overhead and is ideal to carry multiple traffic types (clustering, communications, storage, management) over a single connection. As a mature and field-proven technology, InfiniBand is used in thousands of data centers, high-performance compute clusters and embedded applications that scale from two nodes up to a single cluster that interconnect thousands of nodes. Through the availability of long-haul InfiniBand over WAN technologies, InfiniBand is able to efficiently move large data between data centers around the globe.